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Ramatex Suzhou Plant
Date:2019-12-09    Source:http://www.mushiny.com/

Ramatex Group is a Singapore wholly owned company and is the largest supplier to Uniqlo and Nike in China. More than 70% of their overseas sales of T-shirts are made by Ramatex. At present, the Ramatex Suzhou Plant Phase I Project has been put into operation, covering an area of 5,000 square meters and mainly used for the storage of finished products and case picking for out-put and in-put of warehouse. The Phase I Project aims to input 20 AGVs. At present, the project is in progress, with 12 logistic AGV robots each carrying 600kg and running for 24 hours. Only one person in each shift is assigned for out-put and in-put of warehouse and case picking through forklift operation, which greatly saves manpower.