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Providing customers with a complete “goods-to-people” intelligent warehousing model, which can greatly optimize the storage and picking efficiency of industries including e-commerce, manufacturing, and three/four-party warehousing and logistics.

Introduction to the goods to person mode:

Mushiny robot storage system, the perfect software and hardware solution for realizing “goods to people” warehouse operation, is the industry's advanced warehouse management system. The system is a set of handling robots, shelves, picking docks, network equipment, hardware dispatching. The overall software and hardware solution consisting of system and order processing system achieves the goal of reducing the cost per unit of goods logistics by maximizing the efficiency of personnel and equipment.

Product performance introduction:

System simulation: By importing the warehouse operation data such as commodity information, hardware related parameters and personnel efficiency parameters into the system simulation module, the simulation operation data of the scheme can be obtained, and accurate data support is provided for the scheme design and project implementation.

Path optimization: The robot's walking path is dynamically calculated in real time through an optimization algorithm to ensure the optimal path and achieve the lowest robot usage.

Intelligent scheduling: Through the analysis and optimization calculation of real-time data such as current order processing, vehicle operation, terminal picking, etc., the optimal deployment of target shelves, execution vehicles, picking docks and other resources can be realized.

Smart storage: The system optimizes the layout of the shelves according to the calculation of the historical data of the picked goods of the shelves, and achieves the efficiency improvement.